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"... I've always viewed fiction writing as a kind of mythmaking . . . Any story that we get attached to influences our conception of ourselves and our experiences - even the simplest 'just for fun' reading or viewing becomes part of our framework for understanding the world..."


"... Normally I’m very inclined to chop, add, rearrange, and mess around with the pieces of anything I’ve written, but in this case, the perspective I had seven years ago was so important to preserve that it felt like handling a delicate antique artifact, I didn’t want my current perspective to change or alter it, so I worked cautiously to ensure that any adjustments were only to enhance what it was rather than change it..."


"...If you already don’t exist in the system in place, if you realize you don’t and can’t have a happy life within it, you stop negotiating with it, you stop trying to repair the mess, and you jump ship. This is the place where radical change becomes possible..."


"... Teaching and learning are subjective, human experiences where success depends upon much more than simply aptitude for the subject matter. Successful teaching depends, rather, on crafting a situation that optimizes the students’ potential for mastering that subject matter, which necessitates understanding the background, experience, and knowledge base of those students..."


"... The transgender narrative, like the transgender body, has for too long served as the battlefield between armies of theorists and researchers: those determined to enforce heteronormativity on one side and those determined to disrupt it on the other. The trouble is that in battles, the 'field' is the only certain loser...."

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